How do we support the GATE Program?


Gifted learners benefit from an enriched learning environment that provides adequate challenge and stimulus. We raise funds to help our schools purchase advanced resources which can also include learning experiences--many students who are gifted benefit from the hands-on experience of field trips and working with subject experts.

Casino Gaming

Every 18-24 months, we coordinate ~40 volunteers for casino fundraising, who each help generate ~$1800 during their shift! These funds are allocated to our GATE schools on a ‘per-student’ basis and can only be used for supporting the GATE Program. These funds carry some restrictions on how they may be spent.


Support GATE by buying books! Buy a gift card, and 15% of the purchase price will go to support the work that we do, including funding for teacher professional development and public information seminars and events.

Gift cards may be used at all Chapters, Indigo, and Coles stores, and online.

Purdys Chocolates

Support GATE by buying chocolate!

Seasonal Fundraiser – November Christmas season. Buy chocolates and 25% will go to support GATE initiatives. Select from a curated chocolate collection available in our seasonal catalogue.

Personal Donation

We welcome personal donations as these provide unrestricted funds, which can be used to support teacher Professional Development and other resources that cannot be purchased with gaming funds.

Inquire if your work-place offers ‘matching-grant’ programs.

Did you know?

‘Advanced Resources’ may be:
  • text books/materials (above-grade-level)
  • technology supplies (laptops, tablets, ‘SmartBoards’, cameras)
  • science materials (increased quality or quantity)
  • field-trips
  • hands-on experiences (‘author-in-residence’), and more.

How can you help?

Consider volunteering at our next fund-raising event!
Consider making a donation.

Communication and Parent Support

We share information about the GATE Program and about the many aspects of giftedness in order to help parents, grandparents, and others who are interested. We work to keep our members aware of important news and educational offerings that they may find beneficial.

We communicate through this website, our mailing list and our social media tools. Be sure to visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. You will find many articles and posts related to gifted education, as well as the joys and challenges of parenting a child who is gifted! See our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for information that may benefit you, or someone you know.

Did you know?

You are not alone! There are many parents like you, who can share the joys and the challenges of parenting a child who is gifted!

How can you help?

Talk about giftedness! Consider sharing information found in this website and our social media tools with others whom you feel may be interested or benefit, such as family or friends.


We advocate for the unique and often complex needs of gifted learners to be addressed and met within the GATE Program. We help parents to advocate for their children to receive assessments and accommodations to address gifted learning needs.

We meet regularly with school principals, teachers and Administration staff within the Calgary Board of Education who are responsible for Special Education for gifted learners. We encourage efforts to ensure a strong, high-quality and accessible GATE Program. We help to relay questions and concerns of our fellow parents. We appeal to Alberta Learning and the Minister of Education to continue and expand their supports for gifted education.

Did you know?

Often, parents are the first to recognize traits of giftedness and suggest assessments.

How can you help?

Help speak out for the needs of gifted learners to be addressed in our schools. Consider meeting with or writing letters to those responsible for gifted education, urging them to continue or expand support.


We work to increase knowledge and understanding of the many characteristics, complexities, and learning needs of the gifted. For this, we focus on our teaching and parent community. Children who are gifted can benefit greatly, both at home and at school, when we learn how to help address the challenges that are often associated with giftedness in positive, and healthy ways.

We help fund Professional Development opportunities for our GATE Program teachers, so they may continue to develop expertise in providing education for the gifted. We coordinate information evenings which feature speakers or presenters who have a vast knowledge of giftedness and/or gifted education. Topics of information evenings may include: social/emotional challenges (anxiety, perfectionism), under-achievement, twice-exceptional (e.g. gifted and learning disability), planning for high-school/university, and more. See our ‘Announcements and Events ‘ page for upcoming opportunities.

Did you know?

At present, there are no formal training programs to help teachers recognize giftedness or understand how to teach gifted learners. Teachers in gifted programs often develop their expertise through experience, work-shops, and professional learning communities.

How can you help?

Consider attending one of our parent information evenings so you may learn more about the many facets of giftedness…in fact, bring a friend! Take part in discussions and forums where parents share experiences and tips about parenting the gifted.

How can we help you?

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How can we help you?

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