GATE Parent Association

The GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Parent Association is a registered, non-profit volunteer organization, committed to  supporting a high-quality GATE Program which meets the needs of learners who are gifted, within the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).

As parents, we believe a high-quality GATE Program should consist of:

  • Congregated classrooms (or schools) which group students of like-mind and like-ability together
  • Access to quality, enriched learning resources and enriched learning experiences (e.g. ‘hands-on’, field trips, content experts) which provide greater stimulus and challenge than what is typically available at grade level, to students who are gifted.
  • Skilled teaching staff who have expertise in providing gifted education and who have also developed an understanding of the unique needs of gifted learners

Our Commitment:

We are committed to supporting a high-quality GATE Program–a congregated setting–for students who are gifted, within the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).

Our Vision:

For all students who are identified as gifted to have access to Special Education programming, in congregated settings, which addresses and meets their unique learning needs.

Our Membership:

The GATE Parent Association is comprised of parents whose children attend the Calgary Board of Education’s GATE Program. Parents are represented by a volunteer Executive (elected, 2 year term) and Board (appointed, 1 year term).

The GATE Parent Association is unique in that it represents parents and supports the GATE Program in all GATE schools, but it is independent of the Calgary Board of Education and other parent organizations within those schools.

Goals of the GATE Parent Association:

  • To undertake FUNDRAISING to enhance the educational pursuits of the GATE Program.
  • To ADVOCATE for the GATE Program and the students and parents of the Program.
  • To encourage and sponsor EDUCATION for parents and professional staff.
  • To promote COMMUNICATION with the Calgary Board of Education, Alberta Learning and among parents and other stakeholders.
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Open Volunteer Positions

Fundraising Chair
Parent Education Chair

GPA Executive

- elected - 2 year term

PRESIDENT Stephanie Labowka
VP Alicia Mossing
TREASURER Jeroen Pieterse
SECRETARY Sunita Chowdhury

GPA Board/Committees

- appointed - 1 year term

SOCIAL MEDIA ADMIN Stephanie Patterson

Site Reps

Queen Elizabeth Kathie Robert
Henry Wise Wood Traci Akierman
Hillhurst School Kelly Poon
Louis Riel School Irina Rajakumar

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Partners in Education

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE)

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) offers the congregated Gifted and Talented Education program to gifted children, from grades 4-12 through the Special Education Program.  The GATE Program has been developed to provide specialized programming, services, and opportunities for gifted learners.  Detailed information on the GATE program can be found on the CBE website.

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How can we help you?

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