Purdys Fundraiser 2021

The GPA and Louis Riel School Council Purdy’s fundraiser has been very successful in the past and we’re doing it again! Purdys has perfect stocking stuffers and hostess gifts for the holiday season!



The funds earned from this fundraiser go to cover classroom supports and items that cannot be purchased using casino funds, such as GATE teacher professional development and wellness room supplies.

NOT A LOUIS RIEL PARENT? You can still order chocolate, even if you do not have a child attending Louis Riel School but you will need to pick up your order from Louis Riel School on December 3. Just list your child’s school next to your name, rather than a teacher and make sure to include your phone number and email address.

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who volunteered for our casino last week. Whether you attended the fundraiser or were available as backup in case we needed you, we APPRECIATE YOU. Despite the challenges of Covid and the weather forecast, you all showed up for our children. The casino was a great success, and we could not have done it without our wonderful volunteers — parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, and others in the community who wanted to help. These funds help support GATE by providing much needed materials, equipment, and experiences for our students. THANK-YOU!!

Upcoming Community Sessions

2e Adults’ Online Conference (Starts November 1):
The Let’s Talk 2e Adult Conference is an experience for gifted and 2e adults feeling lost in life. At this free event, you’ll learn how to become a better advocate for yourself, how to use your strengths to enhance your life experience, and how to succeed because of – not in spite of – your learning differences. Click here to learn more and register.

2021 International Conference on ADHD (November 4 – 6):
This year the three-day International Conference on ADHD has gone virtual. The event features over 100 of the world’s leading experts on ADHD. Guests can attend keynote speeches by Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson, Caroline Maguire, and Dani Donavan and breakout sessions tailored to their interests. Learn more about specific topics such as medication, coaching, social skills, behavioral strategies, relationship strategies, productivity tools (including apps), the latest research on ADHD, & more! Click here to learn more and save 15% on registration.

Indigo Gift Cards

Books and Fall…A Perfect Pairing!  As the days grow cooler, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book.  You can support GATE by buying books! This ongoing fundraiser allows members to support the GPA, the GATE program, their students, and our GATE teachers. Shop for things you buy anyway, and earn funds to help enhance the GATE program. 

Click below to buy a gift card, and 15% of the purchase price goes to support the work that we do, including funding for teacher professional development and public information seminars and events. Gift cards may be used at all Chapters, Indigo, and Coles stores, and online.

Click on the image below to purchase.


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How can we help you?

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