Responding to Anxiety & Busy-ness with Mindful Parenting

Overstimulation, hyper-tasking and chronic stress are the new normal, not just for adults but for children, too. For kids, this means they are more frequently—like adults–in flight/fight mode. Learn strategies for bringing mindfulness into your family, to help both parents and kids shift gears so we can put communication skills and conflict resolution skills to work effectively and improve our personal and family health. In addition to improved focus and emotional self-regulation, mindful parenting helps strengthen our positive human qualities like empathy, kindness, generosity, and compassion. Only from our genuine personal practice can we cascade the benefits to our children. But how to squeeze it all in? In this seminar, we will learn how to put mindful parenting to work in our busy lives.


Download the presentation and handouts from our Mindful Parenting speaker session, held September 27, 2016.

Mindful Parenting Presentation

Mindful Parenting Handout


Rosanna D’Agnillo is a Calgary musician and instructor who teaches secular mindfulness meditation to children (pre-K-12) in the CBE, CSSD & at the T’suu Tina Nation, as well as adults, choirs, athletes and sports teams throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. Trained with Mindful Schools (Oakland, California), her mindfulness program was offered to the Grade 5/6 GATE students at Louis Riel from January-June 2016.