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COVID-19: What do our gifted kids need?

Setting your child up for success 

– presented by Laurie Alisat, PhD – June 10, 2021


2021 – COVID-19 Learnings

The following is the recorded video from the June 10th presentation, “COVID: What do our gifted kids need?”

This video will be available for viewing until June 25th. 



– presented by psychologist and co-founder of Affinity Psychology Group, Amy Shaw – November 2020

What is resilience, and how is it earned? How can parents help their junior high and high school students to increase their own resilience?


         2020 – Resilience

Study Skills

– presented by Louis Riel teachers, Mark Stranzinger and Roxanne Evans – January 2020

Learn the note taking, studying, and test taking skills that will help your child succeed.


2020 – Study Skills


Executive Functioning — Getting it together for work, play, and living

– Expert Session by gifted educator, Dr. Laurie Alisat – September 24, 2019

“When gifted individuals struggle with executive functioning, many aspects of their lives can be impacted. It may be challenging to start, track, and complete tasks, which in turn affects personal wellness, relationships, and accomplishment. We will discuss what we mean by executive functioning, what it looks like, and strategies to support individuals.”


2019-What Do You Wonder About Executive Functioning


Social Dynamics

– Presentation by Michelle Springman and Silvia Henning, of Macdonald Psychological Services

Gifted and Underachievement

Presentation by Dr. Laurie Alisat at Queen Elizabeth High School, January 2017


Mindful Parenting

– Presentation by Rosanna D’Agnillo at Louis Riel, September 27, 2016

The High School Experience

 – Presentation for High School information night at Henry Wise Wood High School, March 2016


Perfectionism, anxiety, and depression in gifted learners

Presentation by Dr. Laurie Alisat, November 2015

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