Parent Mentor Program

We know our parent group has a wealth of unique, interesting and important things to share with our students. The CBE and the GATE Parent Association are partnering to find parents who could be mentors and subject matter experts in our classrooms, and/or online, during school time.

We currently need mentors in the following areas:  computer programming; filming and editing; psychologist/psychology; advertising/photoshopping; robotics; physiotherapy/kinesiology; entrepreneurship; politics; architecture; mechanics; water purification; environmentalist; musician/songwriting/composition; bioengineering; forensic science; military history.

If you can volunteer, or have questions, please contact the GATE Parent Association by email: 

If you’d like to offer your area of skill/expertise for mentorship, please let us know what you feel you can offer. Teachers and GATE program leaders will connect with you as your skills and knowledge match with classroom activities; they’ll review and discuss your background with you to determine if your area of expertise is a good fit for current (or future) GATE classroom plans.

Please note:  All mentors who work with students in our GATE schools must have a valid and current Calgary Police security clearance.