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We are planning an education session for GATE parents.

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One night of volunteering can make a difference! In 2018-2021, GATE Parents raised over $120,000 through Casino Fundraising. Most parents volunteered only one day or evening of their time. 

Our next casino will be scheduled for Q2 of 2023. 

Casino Coordinator is needed to make this casino happen! Support will be provided.

Activities include:
– Obtaining all appropriate licensing requirements from the AGLC and submitting the Request for Casino License, and other materials, as appropriate
– Helping to recruit and schedule volunteers for the next Casino event
– Completing final paperwork/reports after a Casino event, and submitting to the AGLC within the set time-frame
– Other duties, as appropriate
– Time Commitment – Approx 20 hours in the 3 months prior to the casino date and an additional 4 hours/month Sept through June.

If you are interested in taking on this role, please email us at


We are searching for someone to take over as GPA President next year in September. Ideally, we’d love someone to start shadowing the current President now to learn about the position. Elections are in September 2023. The rest of the current executive will be running for re-election and the current President, Traci Akierman, will provide support in the Past President role.

Activities include:
– Chairing the Annual General Meeting and Business Meetings of the GPA, 2-3 per year
– Representing the GPA at meetings with stakeholders responsible for gifted education, or delegating other representatives when appropriate (e.g. CBE gifted specialist)
– Helping to ensure that important information (e.g. news, events, business, concerns, etc) related to the GATE Program is relayed and shared between schools and the GATE Parent Association Executive and Board
– Helping to establish and maintain communication between the GATE Parent Association and school administration/staff (e.g. principals, assistant principals, GATE learning leaders)
– Helping to ensure the administration and GATE staff at all schools are aware of funds made available by the GATE Parent Association, and keeping them informed of how and by when it must be spent
– Participating in and/or overseeing all Committees of the GPA
– Ensuring all Bylaws of the GPA are followed
– Ensuring all legal requirements of the GPA, such as Financial Audits, have been completed and filed by the appropriate member responsible
– Other duties, as needed
– Average time commitment – 6-8 hours per month Sept to June

If you are interested in taking on this role, please email us at


The Community Education Service (CES) is offering the following sessions for parents and families. Sessions are offered at no cost but registration is required.  **CLICK HERE TO REGISTERClick on the Poster/PDF icon below the correct session to register**

October 26: Mental Health for Highly Sensitive Teens
Highly sensitive teens are often misunderstood by parents and teachers as they often have stronger emotional reactions. In this presentation, learn why this happens, and the necessary tools required to help these teens manage their emotions so they don’t become derailed..

November 2: How is Resilience Portrayed Through Teen Girls’ Experiences of Health and Mental Illness?
Join Leah Shalanski, RN, MN to discuss her graduate research on resilience with girls experiencing a mental illness.

  1. To review the concept of resilience and understand it from the perspective of teenage girls
  2. To give teenage girls voice in how they perceive mental health, illness and resilience
  3. To provide recommendations to design effective programs and interventions aimed at reducing sources of trauma and adversity and increase resilience.

November 8: Kids Have Stress Too

An introduction to key aspects of early childhood and brain development, and the crucial role parents and professionals play in buffering the impact of stress on kids. Learn strategies to help young children become aware of and manage stress in fun and engaging ways.

November 10: Navigating Technology With Youth

The message of this presentation is not only based on technology, but also about a child’s healthy brain development and the necessary parenting/caregiver role in creating healthy, emotional, regulated, and integrated brains. This presentation will address the underpinning of a child’s emotional brain development and how to grow it, as well as how technology can dangerously hijack this.

We believe that talking does not grow neurons; experience grows neurons. This workshop is designed to give attendees the skills to become their child’s emotional coach. The workshop will provide participants with:

• An understanding of the basic neuroscience behind healthy brain development,
• The dangers of technology for healthy brain development,
• Technology use rules that will help your child
• When building healthy brains, how to identify emotions in your child/student, and
• How to become your child’s/student’s emotional coach in only five steps and in that, build a resilient child.

The presentation is facilitated by a therapist from Juno House who has years of both clinical and facilitating experience. Juno House was founded in 2008 as a Centre of Excellence for adolescent girls and young women who are experiencing anxiety-based mental health issues of self harm, obsessive compulsive disorders, depression and eating disorders.

November 15: Nutrition and ADHD

Parents of children and teens with ADHD are often concerned about their eating habits – are they eating enough, too much or the right type of foods? In this presentation, parents can expect to learn the fundamentals of nutrition, nutrition related to ADHD and practical strategies to make mealtimes more enjoyable!

DID YOU KNOW you can access pre-recorded sessions for free HERE.

ALSO CHECK OUT resources available through Mental Health Literacy HERE.

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