Bright vs. Gifted

text "What are the differences between "bright" and "gifted" learners?"
Knows the answerAsks the questions
Is interestedIs highly curious
Is attentiveIs mentally and physically involved
Has good ideasHas wild and silly ideas
Works hardPlays around yet tests well
Answers the questionsDiscusses in detail, elaborates
Top groupBeyond the group
Listens with interestShows strong feelings and opinions
Learns with easeAlready knows
6-8 repetitions for mastery1-2 repetitions for mastery
UnderstandsConstructs abstractions
Enjoys peersPrefers adults
Grasps meaningsDraws inferences
Completes projectsInitiates projects
Is receptiveIs intense
Copies accuratelyCreates new designs
Enjoys schoolEnjoys learning
Absorbs informationManipulates information
Good memorizerGood guesser
Enjoys straightforward, sequential presentationsThrives on complexity
Is alertIs keenly observant
Is pleased with own learningIs highly self-critical


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Did you know?

Not all gifted students “appear” gifted.

Some students may achieve at high levels and do very well at school, but they are not necessarily gifted.

Gifted learners may exhibit some of the following:

  • Underachievement
  • May exhibit behavior problems
  • May hide giftedness