Fundraising Campaign


For the first time in five years, the GATE Parent Association is asking for donations to support teacher professional development. Our coffers have run dry! You may know that one source of our funding comes from casino volunteering, and these funds are allocated directly to our GATE schools on a ‘per student’ basis to support GATE programming in the classrooms. But casino funds cannot be used for teacher professional development or certain student programs. And the CBE does not have the budget to pay for these needs.

We are asking for direct donations that can be used to enhance the skills of our teachers as well as provide experiential learning for GATE students that casino funds are not allowed to cover. Help your child’s teachers to deliver high quality programs and provide enriched learning environments: Donate Now!


What are the benefits of donating?

  1. The GATE Parent Association recognizes the value of assisting our teachers through the funding of conference fees, book studies, and workshops, to encourage the pursuit of continued learning that benefits our kids.
  1. GATE teachers with a strong understanding of gifted learners offer the social/emotional support and learning experiences our GATE students need.
  1. Every penny you donate will be used to benefit GATE students and teachers.


Are there examples of where the donations will help?

This July, we would like to send teachers to the Dabrowski Congress in Calgary. This bi-annual conference is an ideal opportunity for teachers (and parents!) to enhance their understanding of the developmental patterns and challenges that occur for students who are gifted. This year’s theme is “Dynamisms: Forces for Human Growth.” To learn a bit more about the conference, visit

Did you know that there are no formal training programs to help teachers recognize giftedness or understand how to teach gifted learners? Teachers are selected for GATE classrooms because they show aptitude in the area of gifted education, or have pursued training on their own. It is often up to GATE teachers to continue their own professional development and by assisting with these costs, we are supporting their continued learning which will be reflected in the classroom.

Thank you so much for your support!