Fall 2020 Update

We hope you have all had a chance to relax and play a little this summer. We know you are all preparing for the return to school with a mix of excitement and concern. The GATE Parent Association is working hard to advocate for our families needs. 

Since schools shut down in March, the GATE Parent Association has been in communication with the CBE in an attempt to answer a number of questions. We understand it has been challenging to be without answers for so long. Many of these questions have now been answered in CBE updates.

Please see the FAQ below for more details. 


Is HUB available for GATE students? I read that hub learning isn’t available for alternative programs (except French immersion and Spanish Bilingual). Is GATE an alternative program?
“GATE is not an alternative program. The offering of GATE hub classes is dependent on student demand. E.g., Have enough students requested the courses to support the creation of classes? If specific GATE hub classes cannot be created, students may still register for hub classes and programming related to the IPP would need to be accounted for.”
– source: https://cbe.ab.ca/…/health-and-wellness…/Pages/hub-faqs.aspx

But if too many families register for hubs, won’t that mean there aren’t enough kids in school to form GATE classrooms?
Families should choose Hub Online Learning if that is the format that will work best for them and if they have health concerns related to attending in person. Whether students are learning in-school or online, where a student has an IPP as all GATE students do, the assigned teacher does their best to address the “Conditions For Success” and “Key Understandings” outlined in that document.

GATE is a special education setting whereby students with similar IPPs and similar learning needs are congregated. The teacher assigned to the GATE class can provide curriculum enhancements that meet the needs of that group as a whole. This is the advantage of congregation, but if congregation is not possible, the needs of the GATE student may still be met. Whether or not there are enough students to form a GATE-only hub class or a GATE-only in-person class, the teacher assigned to the GATE student will do their best to address that student’s needs, as outlined in their IPP.

Examples of class composition that might occur if a large number of people register for Hub Online Learning are: 

  • grade split classes (e.g. a grade 5/6 split GATE class);
  • grouping GATE students with other program students (e.g. AP);
  • grouping GATE students with regular students.

Regardless of class composition, the teacher assigned to your child’s class will do their best to meet the needs of all of the students in their class, including addressing IPPs, as is always the case. Answers to what class composition will look like will come towards the end of next week, once all of the hub registrations are in and counted, and teachers have been assigned to in-school and hub classes. If a parent has a concern about their GATE student not receiving the supports that they need, we encourage them to contact their administration to address this concern. Parents are also welcome to contact us if they need support in advocating for their child’s needs. 

Will my child receive GATE learning or regular learning this year?
It’s important to understand that ALL students complete the same curriculum as set out by Alberta Education, regardless of their programming, special coding, or IPP. There is no specific GATE curriculum. GATE students are often provided with enhancements to the curriculum to go into greater breadth and depth. GATE students may also be provided with specialized supports to assist them where challenges exist. These supports and enhancements will continue where they are possible. 

If my child registers for Hub Online Learning, will they be taught by a GATE teacher?
If there are enough students to form a GATE-student-only hub and if an experienced GATE teacher is hired as a hub instructor, this may be possible. However, regardless of whether or not your child’s hub teacher has GATE experience, they will do their best to meet your child’s learning needs as outlined in their IPP, as all teachers do. Whether or not a GATE-only hub is created, the teacher will attempt to provide enrichment opportunities and support to the population of GATE students in their class, as and where possible. 

When will I hear something from my school? 
School-specific updates, along with information about your child’s class assignment and assigned teacher(s) should be arriving by late next week (~ August 28). Schools need to wait until the Hub registration deadline has passed, and hub registrations have been counted before final class assignments can be finalized. 

What if I register for Hub Online Learning and then change my mind?
You may withdraw from Hub Online Learning by notifying your school administration no later than September 1st. 

What if I decide that I want my child to go back to in-person learning in the spring?
It is possible to return to in-class learning in the spring if your child has been registered in a hub in the fall. NOTE that you need to notify your school administration of this change in writing by no later than January 8, 2021.

What happens if my child is sick and needs to isolate at home? What if there is an outbreak and my child’s school is closed? Will it be like it was in the spring?
No, it will not be like it was in the spring. In the spring, students were required to complete only basic core curriculum requirements. This was ‘crisis learning’. If a child is sick, or if a school closes down and needs to move to online learning, the expectation is that students will continue to learn and progress towards meeting the requirements of the curriculum. The teacher assigned to the student will continue to work with them to complete their grade assignments. 

If my school moves to Scenario 3, do I leave hub and join my school for online learning?
“Students registered with hub classes will remain with hub online learning even if their home school is required to move to scenario 2 (blended) or 3 (learning at home).”
– source: https://cbe.ab.ca/about-us/school-culture-and-environment/health-and-wellness-in-school/Pages/hub-faqs.aspx

If I register for Homeschooling, or some other form of learning other than in-class learning at my child’s registered school, will they lose their place in GATE? Will I have to reapply?
If you register for Hub Online Learning, your child will also remain registered with their GATE school and will remain a GATE student. If you choose to register your child for Homeschooling, CBE Learn, or any other form of learning, you will be required to de-register them from their GATE school. This may mean having to reapply, and possibly having to reassess your child, in order to be considered for GATE placement in the future. 

For the most up-to-date back-to-school information, please visit the following link:


For answers to additional questions related to Hub Online Learning, please view the updated FAQ at the following link:


Louis Riel Parents, please note:

We know you are all wondering who the new school principal will be. A new Principal will likely be in place by about mid-September. In the meantime, the Assistant Principal, Monica Wiersma, is very much on top of the work that needs to be done to ready your school for the fall. The Louis Riel administration and staff look forward to welcoming you back! 

Mark your calendars!

Our Annual General Meeting to be held on September 23, 2020 at 6:30 pm. Please join us to learn how Casino and unrestricted funds raised have been used this past year and how they will be used going forward.  We are also looking to fill a number of roles on our Board (see below for details).

NOTE: You can now view previous meeting minutes online

Volunteer Opportunities

We couldn’t do this without the help of our amazing volunteers! 

The following volunteer roles are currently open:

  • general fundraising chair who will manage the Christmas Purdys fundraiser, with help from the rest of the team, and take on new general fundraising initiatives as the need arises
  • parent education chair who will work with presenters and venues (or online resources) to schedule and organize parent education sessions 
  • newsletter coordinator who will work with the executive team, school site reps, and other parties to compose newsletters using MailChimp
  • Louis Riel School site rep who can attend school council meetings and report any news or concerns to the executive teamI

If you are able to help, please email us at info@gatecalgary.ca!

Still have questions? 

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