December 2022 GATE Newsletter

High School Transition Information Session

This session was held on November 29th and was attended by many GATE families. Principals and staff at both GATE high schools – Henry Wise Wood and Queen Elizabeth – provided a detailed session on:

  • Transition from GATE junior high to high school
  • GATE high school programming
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) program details 
  • Advanced Placement (AP) program details 
  • Resources available to GATE high school students

Many thanks to the presenters for providing thoughtful and detailed information! The session was followed by a lively Q&A session. One question arose about South Calgary GATE students wishing to take partial AP/partial GATE classes, or North Calgary GATE students wishing to take partial IB/partial GATE classes. We now have the answer from Aileen Smyth: GATE students wishing to take dual IB/GATE may attend Henry Wise Wood regardless of address, and GATE students wishing to take dual AP/GATE may attend Queen Elizabeth regardless of address. Students attending any other high school would be relinquishing their spot in the GATE program. 

CLICK HERE to access presentation materials


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The 2022 Purdys Fundraiser was a success! 
We raised $744.65 for GATE students. 
THANK YOU to all families who participated.


The Community Education Service (CES) is offering the following sessions for parents and families. Sessions are offered at no cost but registration is required. **CLICK HERE TO REGISTERClick on the Poster/PDF icon below the correct session to register**

January 10: Mindfulness: Supporting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Learning
Feeling a little blue and not particularly cheery this time of year? You’re not alone. In this session you will learn about mindfulness and take away practical tools that will help brighten these cold days. This session will explore the topic of mindfulness and how mindfulness strategies can support your child’s social and emotional well-being. Explore how the brain’s stress responses may impact social and emotional well-being and how to use mindfulness to calm the brain. Using mindfulness can lead to better focus in school, better cooperation with others, improved self-awareness, self-regulation, decrease stress/anxiety, and improve overall well-being.

January 24: Talking to Children and Youth about Consent

When we give consent, we give permission; we do it every day when we borrow a pen, consent to release of information and consent to personal touch. Children learn about consent in their homes with everyday interactions such as sharing toys and learning how to set boundaries. As youth grow, they learn about giving and getting consent in relationships. Talking about consent with children and youth can help them have healthy family, friend and dating relationships.
In this session, participants will:
• Define consent
• Learn ways to talk about consent to children and youth
• Learn how consent is the foundation for healthy sexual relationships

January 26: Your Child’s Suicidal Thoughts: What to think and say when your child needs immediate mental health care 
Anyone can experience suicidal thoughts at any age and for many reasons. Parents have a tough job being a consistent supporter for children through every developmental shift, change at school, extra-curricular success, or social failure. When you are extra worried about your child’s safety due to thoughts of suicide, you might not know what to think or what to say. In this presentation, hear the facts about suicidal ideation and actions, what you can say directly to your child and other family members, and learn what supports are available to you as caregiver as well as for your child.

DID YOU KNOW you can access pre-recorded sessions for free HERE.

ALSO CHECK OUT resources available through Mental Health Literacy HERE.

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