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Saturday August 8th

GATE Parent Association

Timeline PhotosParents and educators! 🤗I am thrilled to announce that I am hosting a FREE workshop on August 14th: The Mental Health of Kids These Days in the Classroom.🧠 It can be found on our Teachable.com platform, and the intention is to talk all things mental health, emotional regulation, and how to look after the people who are holding our babes, as we step back into education - however that may look for you. 🙌

Did I mention it’s free? Register now for this live one hour workshop with Q+A session after, and tag your fellow parents, educators or anyone who could use a life-changing glimpse into the most important thing kids these days need to be better than ever. ️✍💭️AND those who register for the workshop will receive $25 off of my online course: How to Connect with Kids These Days.👏

Registration: bit.ly/33x2Wg2

It’ll be one of many discussions we have about this in the coming days. 💕This community, our messages, my words, will all be focussed on reminding anyone who will listen: we’re wired for this. 💪And we need each other more than ever, because friends, we are indeed #bravertogether. 🤝
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Friday August 7th

GATE Parent Association

Check this out!

Posted @withregram • @ghflearners
Please join our GHF friends at the Let’s Talk 2e! Virtual Conference for Parents of gifted and twice exceptional children!
The conference launches on August 19, 20 and 21 and is FREE each day for 24 hours. After that, if you’d like to own the conference (and get lots of perks and free gifts) you can purchase an ALL ACCESS PASS for the early bird price of just $97 through August 25. Register using this link: www.withunderstandingcomescalm.com/~access/a1c1201f/
@drdanpeters @julieskolnick @kasiannpeters @13thgenmedia @awesome_neuro #gifted #2e #twiceexceptional #neurodivergent #neurodiverse #giftedkids #giftedteens #giftedBIPOC #giftedwomen #ADHD #autistic #differentlywired #parenting2e #parentinggifted #giftedparenting #giftededucation #highiq
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